‘High Velocity Freeride’

The Remedy jumps onto a plane easily and accelerates up to blistering speeds with minimal effort. A descendent of the super-cross discipline, the Remedy boasts slalom racing speed potential combined, with a maneuver oriented outline. An X-ply luff panel, and high-end composite tube battens lock in shape and maximize stability. With it’s slightly higher cut foot area, and stable six batten skeleton, the Remedy is at home busting maneuvers, or flat out blasting. Hook-in to the 2010 Remedy and enjoy one of the best sails in our lineup.


  1. Newly refined profiles // More shape in the front area
  2. Locked in Shape // For top end speed
  3. Deeper shaping // Glide through the lulls
  4. Composite tube battens // Keep the rig accelerating when over powered
  5. Perfect Twist control // Allowing excess wind to spill out the top of the sail keeping the rig light and control lable in your hands
  6. Triangulated load bearing panel layout // Gives the most strength to weight ratio