‘Power & Control’

The Poison combines power and range, built on a real-world wavesail frame. X-Ply luff panels create profile stability and facilitate early acceleration. A higher clew and longer boom offer a smooth power band making this the most versatile power-wave sail on the market. This virtual chameleon dominates over huge array of conditions. Take the 2010 Poison out in classic Punta Preta conditions, or grab one and rule in the onshore grinders of Northern Europe. Grab the 2010 Poison and enjoy the best overall performer.


  1. Twin stripe X-ply luff panel // Locks in the power and generates early acceleration
  2. Longer boom // For onshore wave riding- direct response
  3. More shape in the seams // Delivers better upwind performance as well as increase “hang time”
  4. Medium clew height // For a firmer leach and a comfortable riding stance
  5. More comfort over a wider variety of conditions // Sheet in and go with predictable power and control
  6. Triangulated load bearing panel layout // Gives the best strength to weight ratio