‘Maximum Performance, Maximum Longevity’

With 100% X-Ply sail body construction, the Manic HD welcomes abuse. This invincible sail will go over the falls and come up unharmed time and again. Assail the face of any wave with as much aggression and abandon as you can muster with the most durable sail on the market. Have a bad habit of hitting the lip too late? No problem. Including all the upgrades that bring the 2010 Manic to the front of it’s class, the 2010 Manic HD returns as Gaastra’s answer to the customer that values durability without sacrificing performance. It’s simple. Nothing compares to this aggressive, yet balanced and durable wavesail. DESIGN DEVELOPMENT

  1. Heavy Duty // All X-Ply Construction
  2. Forward shaping characteristics // Keeping the power locked in where you want it
  3. Triangulated load bearing panel layout // Gives the best strength to weight ratio
  4. Instant ON/OFF power // Direct response when sheeting in or sheeting out
  5. Low clew grommet // For better rig control and enhanced bottom turns
  6. Dacron Luff Panel // Delivering perfect rig flexion
  7. Slightly more drive // Optimized for TwinFin boards
  8. Smooth, Responsive leech tension