The 2010 Manic exceeds its reputation, delivering unparalleled wave performance. This lithe wave sailing machine offers control and agility. A low clew, slightly shorter boom, and high foot are ergonomically designed to excel in the surf. A Dacron luff panel allows true de-power for lightning quick adjustments and a dependable feel that stays locked between the hands. A dramatic re-working of the big sizes, offers a new level in light to medium wind performance. New luff curves and shape flows throughout the mid sizes, add enough drive for today’s slower twin and multi fin boards. Just ask Thomas Traversa, Ross Williams, or Kevin Pritchard. No expectation is too high. This years Manic will blow you away.


  1. Forward shaping characteristics // Keeping the power locked in where you want it
  2. Triangulated load bearing panel layout // Gives the best strength to weight ratio
  3. Instant ON/OFF power // Direct response when sheeting in or sheeting out
  4. Low clew grommet // For better rig control and enhanced bottom turns
  5. Dacron Luff Panel // Delivering perfect rig flexion
  6. Slightly more drive // Optimized for TwinFin boards
  7. Smooth, Responsive leech tension