‘Free-Race Versatility’

The 2010 GTXrace takes freerace technology to a new level. A carefully tuned outline, together with a clean, reactive, wide sock unlock incredible speeds. Three camber inducers minimize weight while still providing rock solid, locked profiles. Tireless R&D make this the sail that will get you first across the finish line in your local race series. There is no doubt that you’ll love the dependable direct feel and instantaneous speed this rig delivers through gusts and lulls. Sharing a tight relationship with the full world cup bred Vapor, the GTXrace has the drive and stability you crave. DESIGN DEVELOPMENT

  1. Wide sock technology
  2. Easy rigging snap on style
  3. Locked in cam shape // for top end control
  4. Drop tack design for “closing the gap”
  5. Triangulated load bearing panel layout // Gives the most strength to weight ratio