The Limited Edition Gaastra Vapor Technora sails are now available! After a much-anticipated release, the most technologically advanced racing sails are ready for you!
Vapor Technora Laminate: Built on a fiber that is weight for weight 8 times stronger then steel!
Technora® is an para-aramid fiber characterized by relatively rigid polymer chains of relatively low molecular weight linked by strong hydrogen bonds that transfer mechanical stress. With a strength ratio 3 times stronger then monofilm, Technora® sailcloth enables Gaastra to reduce weight aloft, while radically increasing stretch resistance. Locked solid, even the biggest gusts won’t distort your sail shape. Worried about durability of this space age material? Rest assured Technora® has been chosen very carefully chosen by the Gaastra development team. Originally proven by the most high tech yachts on the planet, Technora® sailcloth is a step up from most in the aramid family, as it shows little loss of strength even after cyclical flexing and stretching. Simply put, no other fiber in the marketplace has such a perfect balance of durability and low-stretch, lightweight performance.

The Vapor Technora has several advantages. It is lighter and more durable. The material lasts longer and has a much higher UV resistance. The weight savings on the water translates into earlier planing and a more effortless op end speed. The special material takes away all noise that monofilm creates- you are sailing effortlessly without a sound coming from the rig. This is a very unique sensation. Designer Dan Kaseler was the man to make this all happen- “the lighter material really helped us improve performance- the guys are always wanting the rigs to be lighter and this material helps us achieve just that- these rigs are top of the line racing machines, the Ferrari’s of Windsurfing!”
Both Ross Williams and Kevin Pritchard were instrumental in getting the all-new Vapor’s race ready for 2009. “We put in our time this year and made some great improvements to the sails- they are easier to hang on to, they go
faster and get planing sooner! These sails are what I need to win!”- says Ross.

Gaastra Vapor Technora…. Race em or Chase em!
Lighter then monofilm, and lower stretch… Nothing can lock in sail shape better then stepping up the skin material. The lighter total rig weight reduces inertia, and increases breakneck acceleration. At the same time the low stretch aspect makes sure profiles stay locked and loaded.