“The People’s Choice”

The “do it all” sail of choice; bump and jump, freeride, freemove, this rig delivers state of the art performance! Originally designed for Super Cross competition, where it was multi-time world champion, this sail boasts top end speeds that rival racing sails. High-end control, combined with quick planing and easy turns, make this rig a great choice for novices and experts alike. DESIGN DEVELOPMENT

  1. Newly refined profiles
  2. Locked in Shape: For top end speed
  3. Deeper shaping: Glide through the lulls
  4. Composite tube battens: Keep the rig accelerating when over Powered
  5. Perfect Twist control: Allowing excess wind to spill out the top of the sail keeping the rig light and control lable in your hands
  6. Triangulated load bearing panel layout: Gives the most strength to weight ratio