“Powerhouse Wave”

The Poison has been designed to deliver POWER in a comfortable and controllable package! No matter what type of conditions, the Poison gives instant response to get you going. Specializing in waves and bump and jump freeriding, this new rig is perfect for real world conditions. The twin-stripe xply luff panel keeps the draft profiles locked, while the slightly firmer luff curve keeps the rig stable. Grab a hold of the 09 Poison to boost some huge aerials, or enjoy a day of blasting in the Gorge.


  1. Twinstripe X ply luff Panel: Locks in the power and generates early acceleration
  2. Longer boom: For onshore wave riding- direct response
  3. More shape in the seams: Delivers better upwind performance as well as increase “hang time”
  4. Medium clew height: For a firmer leach and a comfortable riding Stance
  5. More comfort over a wider variety of conditions: Sheet in and go with predictable power and control
  6. Triangulated load bearing panel layout: Gives the best strength to weight ratio