Plasma Technora ’09

“Lightweight Powerhouse”

In order to blow away the competition even further, we have introduced the Plasma Technora range. When you add Technora to anything it gets better. We have a new unique fiber X ply material that reduces the sail weight by 10% while adding more strength…. Hard to believe? Try one for yourself.


  1. Twin Cam power
  2. Tighter, firmer leech: For better attachment to light winds
  3. Deep cam shape for early planing
  4. Triangulated load bearing panel layout: Gives the most strength to weight ratio

Dan Kasler
“Because of the Technora technology the rig is more stable and supported. There is not a lot of material movement and your ride is completely SILENT – it is kinda spooky!”

Compatible with other masts that are equal in length and IMCS, including standard diameter masts.