This years Manic has done it again! Soft and maneuverable, the power stays locked between your hands. Designed for wavesailing enthusiasts, its pure down-the-line waveriding ability is aptly complimented by solid all around bump and jump performance. The 09 Manic is light in the hands, quick in the turns, and carefully balanced to excel both at Hookipa, and at your local beach.


  1. Dacron Luff Panel: Delivering perfect rig flexion
  2. Smooth, Responsive leech tension
  3. Forward shaping characteristics: Keeping the power locked in where you want it
  4. Instant ON/OFF power: Direct response when sheeting in or sheeting out
  5. Low clew grommet: For better rig control and enhanced bottom turns
  6. Triangulated load bearing panel layout: Gives the best strength to weight ratio