“World Champ”

The Echo was almost unstoppable last year on the PWA Tour. Crowning the World Champ speaks volumes about this easy handling, do it all freestyle sail. Super light weight, easy handling, and unmatched acceleration make this a great sail for learning new moves or just perfecting your flat water jibes. Back for 09, we have the Limited Edition 4 batten models for those who demand the ultimate freestyle package. DESIGN DEVELOPMENT

  1. Straight cut foot: For easier transitions under the sail
  2. Dacron Luff panel: Making the rig soft and maneuverable
  3. Flatter profile: To keep the rig very neutral and controllable
  4. Two rod thickness & tube battens: In the bigger sizes add control and top end
  5. Triangulated load bearing panel layout: Gives the most strength to weight ratio

Limited Edition: Sizes in 4.8 and 5.2 with 4 battens- give the rider a ultra light rig that can be sailed one size smaller.