Ahead of its Time

Speed, racing, the ultimate formula experience.
Building on the success of winning Europeans and Worlds, the 008 Vapor emerges again as the sail to beat. Crafted by Dan Kaseler, the designer of the outright record holder, the 2008 Vapor is most technologically advanced windsurfing sail the planet.
A finely tuned new size flow has made the Vapor ideal for any board, rider, or race course. A new 6.7 m2 to fit an RDM 460 offers the best entry in that size to date. Dominate the Race scene the world over as you ride what very well could be the fastest sail ever designed. Just ask Dave White, who pushed the 007 sail to 46.2 knots, beating every other brand on the marketplace.
Advances in mast technology have redoubled quality as the Vapor features a fresh new luff curve to match Gaastra’s lightest fastest mast yet. Meticulously tuned camber pressures continue to make rotation a snap, while Gaastra’s wrinkle-free wingsock, presents a super clean leading edge.
Ross Williams:
“With the Vapor, I have the tool to win. I believe that this year will be another success for anyone who chooses to take a Vapor onto the water.

Steve Allen:
“The Vapor is a well finished racing machine… With the 12m2, I feel invincible.”