Deceptive Ease

Early planing, Freeride blasting
A top seller for good reason, the Swift delivers freeriding effortlessness AND camber-induced speed. Consistent winner of magazine tests worldwide, the Swift rigs as easily as it planes. Stylish new paneling and a fastidiously revised luff curve make the new Swift the most advanced twin cam in the world today. Whether searching for higher jumps or smooth jibes, the Swift is for you. Coming in sizes ranging from 5.0 to 9.0 there’s a Swift to suit you regardless of your weight, your board, or your local conditions.

Sailor Profiles

  1. Novice to Advanced
  2. Freerider

Freeride boards

  1. 200- 140 liters: Sizes 11.0 down to 8.5
  2. 150- 125 liters: Sizes 10.0 down to 7.0
  3. 130- 95 liters: Sizes 9.0 down to 5.5

Sailing Styles

  1. Early planing
  2. Freeride blasting

Board Types

  1. Cross Over boards: 75 – 115 ltrs. volume
  2. Freeride Widestyle boards: 115 – 200 ltrs. Volume