Freemove: Super-X Champion

Free riding, bump & jump, freestyle, and wave riding.

Sailor Profile

  1. Intermediate to Professional
  2. Sailors between 60 – 120 kg.


  1. Refined profiles: With a flatter foot batten for effortless maneuvers.
  2. Shape Low and Forward: For stability through a huge wind range.
  3. Excellence in top end: Speed and maneuverability.
  4. Composite tube battens: Keep power locked and centered.
  5. New Luff Curve: Perfectly matching Gaastra masts.

Reccomended Boards

  1. Wave boards 80 – 95 ltr. volume
  2. Freestyle boards 70 – 100 ltr. volume
  3. Freeride boards 85 – 115 ltr. Volume


Matt Pritchard
“Remedy is the Ferrari of freeride. You will instantly feel the light effortless sailing performance that makes this sail an excellent choice for your quiver!”
“… the Remedy for the ride of your life. A do-it-all sail that gets moving with ease, fly’s through the air, turns on a dime and gives a top end speed that rivals the competitions cammed sails”