Power Wave

Powerful waveriding, Bump & Jump, highwind freestyle and freeriding.

Sailor Profile
Advanced Intermediate to Professional
Sailors between 65 – 120 kg.


  1. Twinstripe Xply luff panel: Gives an elastic, yet rock solid feel.
  2. Increased skin tension: Locks shape low and forward throughout a broad wind range.
  3. Flatter foot batten profiles: With a finer entry improve speed and performance.
  4. Slightly longer boom: Adds power for onshore days, and bump and jump sailing.
  5. Medium height clew grommet: Gives good performance and comfort over a wide range.
  6. New Luff Curve: Perfectly matching Gaastra C100RDM masts.


Ross Williams
“The 2008 Poison keeps you ripping on any wave. It’s light and nimble enough for the smallest rider, yet it carries enough grunt for the bigger guys. Powerful and solid, the Poison always promises a killer ride.”

Matt Pritchard
“The ’08 Poison is the best edition yet. Shaping revisions move the draft forward putting the power directly into your hands. Bottom turns and high wind blasting, the 08 Poison is agile, yet potent in the lineup.”