Camless FreeRace

Non- Cam cruising, High speed free riding.
With the introduction of the totally revamped Matrix, Gaastra clearly defines the next age of windsurfing.The horizons of no-cam performance have been stretched to a new frontier. An updated skeleton shifts one batten from the foot area upward toward the mid leech. The resulting support overhead keeps the sail’s profi les locked and loaded, even in the heaviest gusts. If you rode the Matrix blindfolded, you’d swear the shape was held rock solid by a set of cambers. Tear into a jibe, and you’d know the cams were a fi gment of your imagination. Ride the future.

Sailor Profiles

  1. Novice to Advanced
  2. Performance oriented

Board Types

  1. Cross Over boards: 75 – 115 ltrs. volume
  2. Slalom boards: 85 – 115 ltrs. volume
  3. Freeride Widestyle boards: 115 – 200 ltrs. Volume