• Dacron Luff panel: Gives a smooth responsive leech tension.
  • A soft, yet highly elastic feel: Provides the perfect balance for side-off ripping.
  • Flatter foot batten profiles: With a fi ner entry improve speed and performance.
  • Slightly shorter boom: Adds maneuverability in the pocket of reeling waves.
  • Lower clew grommet: Helps keep rider square while driving hard bottom turns.
  • New Luff Curve: Perfectly matching Gaastra C100RDM masts.


Ross Williams
“The ’08 Manic leaps forward, delivering a fast, responsive, high-end wave sail. Handling this sail is effortless, simplifying even the most difficult modern maneuvers. Whether turning tight’, or boosting big jumps, the manic takes your sailing to a new level.”


Matt Pritchard
“Better acceleration and more controllable power have made the 08 Manic more alive than ever. It’s the best sail I have ever used! The ’08 Manic possess the most balanced feel on the water today. ”