Engineered Freerace Performance

High speed freeriding, Slalom racing, Light air cruising
Brainchild of the fastest race sail on the market, the 2008 GTX reaches a whole new level of freerace performance.

An invigorated fusion of the Vapor and the Swift; the GTX features easy handling and explosive top end speed. New luff curves and tri-radial panel layouts amplify performance in every aspect of the rig. The GTX features an exactingly crafted medium-wide luff sock for aerodynamic perfection without the hassles of a full widesock design. New for 2008, the GTX features a drop-tack design, with an adjustable tack strap. Be the only one planning on a light day, or the first across the finish line riding the technologically superior GTX.

Sailor Profiles

  1. Intermediate to Competitive

Board Types

  1. Cross Over boards: 115 ltrs. volume
  2. Slalom Boards: 90 – 115 Ltrs. volume
  3. Freeride Widestyle boards: 115 – 200 ltrs. volume