Freestyle: High-Energy

Freestyle, Bump & Jump, light and medium wind free riding and wave sailing.

Sailor Profile

  1. Intermediate to Professional Sailors between 60 – 120 kg.



  1. New ultra-straight foot: Outline tailored to the latest freestyle maneuvers.
  2. Extra flat foot batten profiles: Make for silky smooth tacks and transitions.
  3. New Luff Curve: Perfectly matching Gaastra masts.
  4. Additional skin tension: Adding stability and range.
  5. Dacron Luff panel: Gives an smooth breathing feel.


Board Types

  1. Wave boards 80 – 95 ltr. volume
  2. Freestyle boards 75 – 115 ltr. volume
  3. Freeride boards 90 – 120 ltr. volume


Matt Pritchard
“A new, high-cut foot gets you easily under the sail. Duck jibes or Cana Bravus, the new Echo is a real standout this year. A well-balanced luff curve and flat shape make for a very efficient rig that is super smooth in transitions. Soft and elastic the Echo is always a sick ride.”