Hi Youp and welcome to the team!

Thank you! I am more than stoked!!


What made you want to join the Gaastra and Tabou team?

I have been in touch with team manager Matt Prichard since a little kid, and has always been a dream to be a part of the team and riding on the team.


You’ve recently posted a clip of young Youp riding Gaastra and Tabou already. When did you start windsurfing and when did you throw down the first freestyle moves?

Yes, I have been stoked on the Gaastra/Tabou gear since a little kid! I started windsurfing at 7 years old and at the age of 11 got insanely addicted to freestyle!


You experienced a both successful and potentially frustrating season in 2019 with your injury holding you back from really fighting for the World Title with 100%. How do you feel by now?

Indeed! It was a crazy year for me! Fighting for the world title and fighting through an injury right before the finals.

Right now I am almost 3 months further and I have been able to recover strongly, putting in lots of hard work with physio and the right amount of rest got me back in shape and ready to take on any crazy freestyle move again!


What are your goals for the 2020 season? Aiming for the World Title again?

You know it! It is my dream to be on top and taking the world champion title.


What’s the key to the world title?

Hard work, dedication, lots of training, the right gear, and don‘t get injured! I can’t wait to get another shot at it this year!


Did you have a chance to hop on the new gear already? What’s your first impression?

I am stoked on the gear, I haven’t been able to catch much wind yet but I have had some light wind sessions and got to throw down some moves and have a feel for the gear. Both board and sail are working perfectly together, and I can’t wait to keep on training and be on the water with my new gear!


You are naturally talented in flatwater conditions, coming from Bonaire, but also have a serious air game on you. Are you happy with the new gear in different types of conditions?

That’s right! I come from flat water paradise, but love to get out and get my air game going big. I see the gear is ready for any type of condition, on my home island the bigger sail sizes and boards are working great, now I can’t wait to go get some stronger conditions on an upcoming training trip coming up soon.


What are your plans for the next few months? Will you train at home or will you travel elsewhere to get prepared for the next season?

For now I’ll be spending some more time at home to keep on training hard and be as fit as I can be for a training trip looking for strong winds and crazy conditions. I can’t wait for that training trip!!


Any idea already, where you will be heading for training in these crazy conditions?

I was thinking a lot about going to Cape Town for a few weeks of training like many guys on tour do, yet with my knee surgery, I had a few months ago before that last world cup in Sylt, I decided to stay home to spend more time training with my physio and on my home waters.

I am feeling fit and ready for anything after the recovery of my knee surgery, I am able to do all the crazy freestyle moves again and am ready to rock!

Training here at home is feeling so good and I feel like im coming back even stronger than before!

Now remembering the great conditions that I scored in Isla Margarita (El Yaque) two years ago is making me dream about going back there. This is the home spot of Gollito Estredo, the conditions at his spot are a little stronger then on my island and perfect for training!


What will you be working on in training especially?

I will be working on consistency of moves, but also some new moves, I have had in my mind for a while and I was working on last year.


We’re glad to have you on our team and can’t wait to see some more action footage of you with the new gear! Thanks for the interview, Youp!

The pleasure is all mine! Recently I put a little clip on my social media so everyone can get a little taste. I am loving the gear and feeling it will push me to doing higher, faster and crazier freestyle moves! I can’t wait to show you guys more action!