Vapor 3



The Vapor Formula has proven itself yet again to be the fastest formula board available on the market. In 2014 Ross Williams took back his world title on the new and improved Vapor3 formula board. This latest model has increased volume distribution and a wider tail to improve upwind and downwind angle and speed performance.

With a construction built to save weight and increase stiffness, this secret formula has brought GA to the top of the podium in countless races across the globe. No gimmicks, just a simple and fast racing machine!



  • – Wide Tail  // improves up wind ability and light wind power
  • – Longer Flat  // helps early planing and speed
  • – More Volume in the Back of the Board  // Vapor 3 rides easy and high on the down wind and takes a big sail with no problem
  • – Double Chicken Straps  // easy and fast in strong winds



Ross Williams

“We were very conscious not to over complicate our latest design. Simple improvements gave us the biggest gains. My requirements were power and control, which gave me a competitive board in every condition of wind.”